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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Help connecting phpldapadmin to ApacheDS 1.5.1
Date Sun, 17 May 2009 09:09:22 GMT
Chris Mattmann schrieb:
> Hi Emmanuel,
> Seems that PLA is doing a query with attr=''. On ApacheDS this returns
> everything: dn and all attributes. I guess on more than 2 to 3 other LDAP
> servers, this only returns the dn. 

To request only the DN you should request attribute "1.1", see RFC4511,
section [1].

> See above link for more details. Any ideas here -- is this an ApacheDS
> specific thing, or is there an RFC on this? Also, I would be happy to work
> with you guys to contribute a patch should the need arise, just let me know
> and thanks for all your help!

I tested with the ldapsearch command line:

ldapsearch -H ldap://localhost:10389 -x -D "uid=admin,ou=system" -W -b
"ou=users,ou=system" -s base -a always "(objectClass=*)" ""

Please note the empty "" at the end of the command. ApacheDS returns all
user attributes, OpenLDAP returns no attributes.

A second test:

ldapsearch -H ldap://localhost:10389 -x -D "uid=admin,ou=system" -W -b
"ou=users,ou=system" -s base -a always "(objectClass=*)" " "

Please note the " " with the space at the end of the command. In that
case ApacheDS returns an protocol error, I'll create a Jira for that:

# extended result response
result: 2 Protocol error
text: PROTOCOL_ERROR: The server will disconnect!

Kind Regards,


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