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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [index review] Existance/Existence/Presence index
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 09:19:31 GMT

while applying Kiran's patch for new system index, I found that we 
should fix some inconsistency. We have what we name 'Existance' index, 
which is the 'Presence' index.

First, we should get rid of the 'existance' name, and replace it by 

Second, we should keep only one of the 'existence' or 'presence'. Unless 
I'm totally wrong, they are just the same. The question is which one 
should we keep ? I would prefer keeping 'existence' rather than 
presence, because it's more explicit.

Thoughts ?

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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