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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [index review] System indexes
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 08:43:14 GMT
Currently, ObjectClass, entryCSN and UUID are considered as user index. 
A decent LDAP server can't work well without any of those index. This is 
obvious for the ObjectClass attribute, but replication heavily depends 
on the two other index.

UUID and entryCSN must be System index. ObjectClass should also be a 
System index, I think.

We already discussed about this, and agreed that UUID and entryCSB must 
be system index, so we will do the modification. I want to see if you 
feel the same for the ObjectClass index.

One more thing : UUID and entryCSN are single valued attributes. We may 
want to store them in a Hash instead of a Tree. This has to be 
evaluated, I guess...

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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