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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Update about 1.5.5
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 12:37:31 GMT
Hi guys,

here is the current list of issues we have on 1.5.5. It's available on 
JIRA, but I have sorted all the issues by categories. We are not that 
far, considering that more than 55 issues were fixed since 1.5.4.

Release Notes - Directory ApacheDS - Version 1.5.5
Bugs 17

[DIRSERVER-257] : [Access Control] Autonomous areas for AC must not overlap
[DIRSERVER-803] : Creating an alias from a child entry to the ancestor 
causes an error (return code 36)
[DIRSERVER-849] : Lacking atomicity for modify operations on schema subentry
[DIRSERVER-999] : rangeOfValues protedtedItem should not be applicable 
in Entry scope
[DIRSERVER-1000] : The filter of the rangeOfValues protectedItem should 
be evaluated on only the single attribute, not the whole entry
[DIRSERVER-1173] : Delete operation with a PersistentSearch returns the 
deleted entry
[DIRSERVER-1198] : equests of usercertificate;binary are not supported
[DIRSERVER-1240] : After binding using NTLM, cannot query if 
AllowAnonymousAccess is off
[DIRSERVER-1250] : An error (noSuchObject - code32) should be raised 
when trying to delete an entry that does not exist
[DIRSERVER-1252] : Server tools dump command broken due to use of old paths
[DIRSERVER-1276] : unescaping binary string corrupts values
[DIRSERVER-1281] : StreamCorruptedException after brutal shutdown
[DIRSERVER-1286] : Windows service always created with default 
installation path
[DIRSERVER-1302] : Exception error message unhelpful when adding 
attributeType and objectClass with colliding names
[DIRSERVER-1314] : Helpless error message while a LDIF import fails in 
unit tests
[DIRSERVER-1327] : Creating a new index when the server has already 
stored values for the attribute does not work
[DIRSERVER-1348] : Core Integ tests are badly failing on Windows due to 
the inability to remove the 'server-work' folder
[DIRSERVER-1356] : KeyDerivationServiceIT class fails with an IBM JDK

Improvements 16

[DIRSERVER-289]  : Configure an optional password message digest 
algorithm which is applied on userPassword attribute values at add and 
modify operations.
[DIRSERVER-639]  : allow to run ldaps only
[DIRSERVER-649]  : transport explanations in NamingExceptions why 
searches fail back to the client
[DIRSERVER-874]  : Entries should be normalized in the NormalizationService
[DIRSERVER-997]  : Block search ability for userPassword attribute
[DIRSERVER-1048] : Need to improve LDIF load procedures
[DIRSERVER-1122] : Limit the number of messages sent but not yet 
[DIRSERVER-1210] : Make the core-plugin (schema) generating mojo produce 
schema constants file
[DIRSERVER-1248] : rc.d init script to default to &quot;default&quot; 
[DIRSERVER-1271] : Inject the modified entry into the OpContext
[DIRSERVER-1282] : Unit testing documentation is out of date
[DIRSERVER-1288] : put apacheds-server-unit-1.5.4.jar dependencies into 
[DIRSERVER-1297] : Create default index on some attributeTypes like 
ObjectClass, ...
[DIRSERVER-1299] : Add causes when rethrowing caught exceptions (e.g. in
[DIRSERVER-1307] : Inject LDIF files at the right level when running tests
[DIRSERVER-1346] : Use ServiceLifecycleListener to avoid having 
System.out messages for service start/stop events.

New Features 16

[DIRSERVER-434]  : Add Support for Paged Search Results Control
[DIRSERVER-887]  : provide remote access info (memnonic name and ip) to 
complement audit trail info
[DIRSERVER-949]  : Add support for LDAP URLs in context searches
[DIRSERVER-992]  : Define new schema objects for Stored Procedure handling
[DIRSERVER-1030] : Add CascadeControl and add functionality to cascade 
modify and delete effects
[DIRSERVER-1186] : Trace control and request level logging
[DIRSERVER-1203] : RFC2307bis Support is missing
[DIRSERVER-1217] : Binds with referrals can be used for delegated 
[DIRSERVER-1246] : Add shell scripts and batch files for clients
[DIRSERVER-1259] : Make the userPassword not searchable from the outside
[DIRSERVER-1261] : Add some CL tools to rebuild indices
[DIRSERVER-1262] : Add a Jetty container
[DIRSERVER-1263] : Add authz schema
[DIRSERVER-1264] : Add extended operations to reverting
[DIRSERVER-1265] : Add support for VLV control
[DIRSERVER-1291] : Support of Proxied Authorization Control (RFC 4370)

Tasks 3

[DIRSERVER-811]  : Make schema bootstrap code disregard deleted entries
[DIRSERVER-1233] : Add some unit tests for the CoreSession class
[DIRSERVER-1337] : Add system level indexes for objectClass, entryCSN 
and entryUUID attributes

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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