Sounds like the chicken and the egg problem, let me now if i can help on this.


2009/4/6, Alex Karasulu <>:
Hi Andrea,

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 1:59 PM, Andrea Gariboldi <> wrote:
I'll be able to configure the ou=schema partition in this branch?
Cause for now i left it for the future because it was not configurable.

We have these goals in the near future:

  o combine schema and system areas into one under the ou=system partition
  o allow users to choose which partition type they like for the system partition

The second goal is harder to do considering some of the new problems we're going to have to overcome when keeping configuration and schema data in LDIF files. 

Remember the question you asked about setting up a configuration area without loading schema or partitions? This is pretty hard to do when some of those attributes need schema information associated with them.  Regardless I think we can find a way to solve your problem of swapping in the Oracle partition to get schema info.  I don't have all the answers right now but I'm sure we'll find them in time.

So maybe this merges back into the trunk before we solve these issues but we can keep working it.


2009/4/6, Alex Karasulu <>:
I just committed Andrea's Oracle Partition contribution to the ldif-partition branch that was created a couple weeks back.  There are several reasons for this:

  o this branch has a better breakdown of packages
  o some of Andrea's unfortunate workarounds due to poor design will go away
  o attached tests can be used to make sure Andreas partition behaves appropriately
  o making our way to having partitions separated from large core package

Note that I plan to merge this partition back into the trunk after the 1.5.5 release when everything is looking good.  The neat thing about this is when we're done here in a short while we will have 4 separate partition types:

  o oracle
  o avl
  o ldif
  o jdbm

That will be pretty cool.