Glenn feel free to just jump on board and work with us.  We can use all the hands we can get.


On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 8:23 AM, Everitt, Glenn <> wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions Chris.  I've been watching the discussion of ApacheDS in an OSGi bundle for a couple of months so I understand that this is leading edge project.   I'll work through your suggestions and let you know what I found.  Thanks again - Glenn Everitt

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This OSGi bundle module is rather experimental at the moment and probably depends greatly on the ServiceMix 4 Kernel and its packages dependencies.  If the Spring DM extender is finding the META-INF/spring/server.xml file and trying to start the server, then there should be some errors or something in the logs.  Embedding in other OSGi containers is definitely one of the eventual goals, but I have not tried to use anything other than Felix and ServiceMix Kernel at this point.  If you want to post any errors or log info that might help, I would be happy to help you work through it.

Chris Custine
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On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 7:12 AM, Glenn Everitt <> wrote:

I'm trying to get ApacheDS running under equinox but having some configuration problems.  (Not sure this should be dev list or user list so my apologies.)

I've downloaded and build apacheds\all and apacheds\osgi  and I think they build correctly
all\target contains  apacheds-all-1.5.5-SNAPSHOT.jar    size 8KB and apacheds-all-1.5.5-SNAPSHOT-app.jar  size 6,938KB
osgi\target contains apacheds-osgi-1.5.5-SNAPSHOT.jar  size 3,685KB

I'm trying to configure to run in equinox rather than felix ( long story).  So, I used eclipse to create a project from the jar apacheds-all-1.5.5-SNAPSHOT.jar   and I did the same for apacheds-osgi-1.5.5-SNAPSHOT.jar  and then after pulling in a bunch of apache commons jars into a "library" bundle everything seems to have resolved.  Next I added to a debug configuration in eclipse I have equinox starting up and I have the bundles "" and "" both in Active state.

However the "" (osgi bundle) should be registering services.  I noticed the server.xml in the examples folder which looks like a spring configuration file and the default settings seemed reasonable.  So, I added a spring folder in the META-INF folder and copied the server.xml into it.  I restarted equinox and using the equinox osgi console "bundle" command I was hoping to see that the services defined in the servers.xml would have been started.  Unfortunately, they were not started and I found the activator pointing to org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty.internal.Activator - it doesn't look like it does anything to register the services so it must be up to the spring configuration in servers.xml.  I'm not sure why this isn't working.  Also, I am not sure what core file is located here generated by Apache XBean:   \all_trunk\apacheds\osgi\src\main\resources\META-INF\services\org\apache\xbean\spring\http\\config\core  

It looks like it binds interceptor names to implementation classes.  If you have any information about how to configure these bundles I would appreciate it.

Thanks (ApacheDS is great software - I've using it "outside" of equinox and am impressed with the feature set and stability.)
Glenn Everitt

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