ApacheDS 1.5.5 has some critical fixes for bugs introduced in the recent past.  One bug in particular is really nasty and has to do with search performance when returning large sets of search results.  I don't really know too much about what other improvements went into 1.5.5 since the JIRA seems to be a bit of a mess.  Regardless of the improvements, I think the bugs fixed far outweigh any new features introduced. 

Emmanuel really wanted to get a release out fast to do away with these show stoppers.  I agree with him, although I do not possess all the details at the moment about the release so keep this in mind as you vote.  Regardless, he asked me to get a vote out and handle the release process for the team right before he left on vacation.

So here we go:

[  ]   +1, Release ApacheDS 1.5.5 
[  ] -/+0, Don't care what you do man
[  ]    -1, No way dooood don't release ApacheDS 1.5.5


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