Martin these are not Log messages but purely System.out.println() method calls.


On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 12:09 PM, Martin Alderson <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> In the following commit a number of System.out lines were added to various
> ApacheDS services:
> I understand that this was done to facilitate Studio's server log which
> displays the starting and stopping of various services.  The problem with
> this is that is generates a lot of output clutter during test that are run
> when building the project.  Sometimes one feels as though the test failed
> since they're used to the old format.  I don't think this information is
> that worth while to have on the command line but it it does make sense in
> Studio's log view.
> Fixing this is simple.  We can create a basic ServiceListener interface
> which contains the start() and stop() methods. The services can then have
> some code to notify registered listeners.  Then an implementation can be
> created to just print out these status messages to the console when the
> services are being used in Studio.
> WDYT?  Anyone interested in implementing it?

I'm a bit ignorant here but can't we just have the info log messages which the tests can turn off and studio can turn on using a relevant log properties file?

I quite like having those messages displayed when running the server from the command line too.


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