Hi guys,

In the following commit a number of System.out lines were added to various ApacheDS services:


I understand that this was done to facilitate Studio's server log which displays the starting and stopping of various services.  The problem with this is that is generates a lot of output clutter during test that are run when building the project.  Sometimes one feels as though the test failed since they're used to the old format.  I don't think this information is that worth while to have on the command line but it it does make sense in Studio's log view.

Fixing this is simple.  We can create a basic ServiceListener interface which contains the start() and stop() methods. The services can then have some code to notify registered listeners.  Then an implementation can be created to just print out these status messages to the console when the services are being used in Studio.

WDYT?  Anyone interested in implementing it?

Alex Karasulu
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