On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 3:55 AM, Lorenz Breu <bru@hot-shot.com> wrote:
Hi Chris

jSLP 2.0, which includes the DA, is basically finished and should be
released within the next few weeks. The current implementation can use
an embedded ADS as a backend, but currently jSLP is still a standalone
project. The out-of-the-box jSLP DA uses a simple in-memory HashMap, but
the code for the ADS (1.5) backend will also be released as a separate

That's great.  How about contributing it to Directory?

jSLP 2.0 was developed on top of MINA, which does not support multicast
as of yet. I did however whip up the necessary MINA code for
multicasting over APR. The code was posted to the MINA issue tracker a
while back, but no news from the MINA guys yet.

I will contact some people to make sure we can add this code to MINA before 2.0.  Emmanuel also may comment on this.
I don't know what we
will do there, maybe release that code on the jSLP page as well. That
multicasting code didn't work for me under windows, probably due to a
problem in tomcat native, but it worked fine under linux (32 and 64 bit).
jSLP is an extension of jSLP and a lot of changes were made. While the
DA part seems to work well, some features have still to be implemented,
such as localization support and SLP security functionality (which also
seems to be FUBAR in OpenSLP).

I guess "reversing the roles" by using jSLP to build an ApacheDS DA
shouldn't be too hard, just a matter of retrieving a DirectoryAgent von
jSLP within ADS...

Yes this can be done.  Was just hoping something can form about SLP here at Apache.  Regardless the story goes on and anything is possible.