Hi Emmanuel,

On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 10:22 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@apache.org> wrote:
Congrats !

At some point, I'm just wondering if it would not be a better idea to build Studio on people.a.o/~pamarcelot :) Seriously, it's insane that we have to wait 4 hours depending on the network while releasing. There is obviously somethiong wrong in the way maven works ...

The problem is I don't know what caused the upload to be so slow.
It's not my connection as I can download up to 2 MB/s and upload up to 110 KB/s as well.
There was a lot of small files (signature files - ASC, MD5).
Maybe the people.apache.org machine was not in good shape yesterday. I think the ping was not very good.
Anyway, it's done now...

Now I need to prepare the various distributions.
Emmanuel just discovered a very nasty bug in the installer. I'll fix it
first and then release the distributions on the mirrors.
Well, sure, I have had some bad surprise yesturday, but I guess I did something wrong, like installing Studio in /opt instead of /opt/ApacheDirectoryStudio. So I guess it's partially my fault. I think this is just something to double check, because of course, I don't have anymore trace on my /opt directory ;)

At least, it was on my client windows computer, so I don't care too much ;) (I should have installed Studio on c:\ !)

I just reproduced it (even if I was sure what was going on after looking at the installer code).
Even if you did not used the standard way of installing a software on Windows (where each software is usually installed in its own (sub) directory), you're not the one to blame.

It's clearly a major, blocker bug of the installer.

I'm already working on a fix for this.
Hopefully my Windows VM can handle snapshots, so when it trashes everything, I can easily rollback... :)