I was also thinking at something like that.

Sometimes the doco, really sucks...
For things as important as releases, it should really be more documented... :'(

Anyway, I'm currently deploying now... Thanks to your help. :)

Thanks a lot,

On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 11:22 AM, Felix Knecht <> wrote:
The new Apache TLP pom is *well* documented :-/

You'll probably need an account to be able to deploy there (via https). ATM we're only able to use this in CI to deploy
snapshots, as CI uses it's own account. To deploy released stuff we still need to go the 'old' way, which is done by
using an alternative url. For me this worked to deploy the skins.Hope you'll succeed as well.
It's somehow related with the use of the new repository manager NEXUS the introduce


I haven't found any documentation about what shall/must be done when using TLP pom 5.

> Looking at the apache-5.pom file, looks like the release server as been
> changed since apache-4.pom...
> apache-5.pom:
> ==============
>    <repository>
>       <id>apache.releases.https</id>
>       <name>Apache Release Distribution Repository</name>
>  <url></url>
>     </repository>
> ==============
> apache-4.pom:
>     <repository>
>       <id>apache.releases</id>
>       <name>Apache Release Distribution Repository</name>
>  <url>scp://
> <></url>
>     </repository>