Hi Emmanuel,

On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 1:44 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@apache.org> wrote:
Hi guys,

it's now one week ApacheConference EU is over and we had time to recover (barely) from this very interesting event. As Alex is still in Paris, we also had time to share some ideas about the internal project organization (I'm specifically refering the source base, not about the people and roles here). Let me now share those ideas with the dev list.

We currently have a few 'top level' projects :
* Apache DS 1.0
* Apache DS 1.5
* Studio
* Triplesec

Those are the projects a user can see on the web site. It's maybe time to change that a bit. We could have something like :
* LDAP Client-API
* ApacheDS
 o ADS 1.0 (will die some day ...)
 o ADS 1.5 (won't survive 2.0)
 o ADS 2.0 (soon !)
* Studio
* Kerberos
* Triplesec

This looks good.

What about Stefan's Groovy LDAP?
- The LDAP client-API will be a new project, marked as 'WiP' (Work in Progress).
- Kerberos may deserves its own project at some point, if we have aenough committers working on it. Obviously will be marked as WiP. The big advantage wpuld be to potentially bring more visibility to this project
- Triplesec should also be marked as WiP, or even better, 'prototype'.

Now, let's think about the inner modules. The new client-API will contain a lot of shared code. Here are the elements I see can be part of the client-API :
o Entry
o Connection
o DN
o AttributeTypeAndValue
o ObjectClass
o AttributeType
o Syntax
o MatchingRule
o Message (all the LDAP requests)

Then we can change the dependencies : the client-API will depend from shared, and all other modules will depend on both client-API and shared. That does not change drastically the ApacheDS project though.

May be we can rename Client-API to Apache LDAP API too, as the server will depend on the client-API.

Just like Kiran, I think the name "Apache LDAP API" really rocks!