I've spoken to Julien from MINA and I think he can help with the MINA related aspects.
yup, he's all over it, also putting some pressure on the tomcat-native guys as the APR classes rely on that code. There are some typo bugs in the version MINA currently depends on (in the maven repo) that have been fixed in the latest release but may not have made it to the repo yet.
I was hoping we could at least get you as a committer Lorenz.

I would be honored. Of course after 8 years as a student (computer science is my second degree), I am looking forward to actually earning some money ;) I will try to contribute to ADS, but my new job has absolute priority.

It would be great if you could send out a message here when the source becomes available. 
sure thing
I think "protocol-slp" is definitely what I have in mind but it sounds like it won't be too much of a stretch to make that happen so hopefully we can work that out.
nope, should be fairly easy (of course I have said that a few times and been wrong...)