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From Ashish <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] Protocol performance testing framework
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 03:59:42 GMT
>> May be STAF can be a solution. Have not used it
> This is interesting.  I was not aware of this framework (damn thing snuck by
> me).  I'll take a look at this but I know for sure that the correlation
> between what's going on inside the MINA server via stat collection, the
> host, through the MINA filter along with the clients is not something this
> framework can do even if we expose it via JMX.

Agreed, this tool is just a framework. To put in a couple of
requirements for this solution

1. Shall be able to generate protocol packets
2. Shall be able to emulate Agent to generate load of packet packets
3. Shall be able to execute Agents on distributed setup (multiple machines/OS)
4. Shall be able to collect Server Stats (in a configurable way, so
that we can go beyond network layer)
5. Shall be able to correlate Server Stats with Agents logs
6. Shall be able to generate report out of the data
7. Shall be able to control/configure/monitor all running Agents

Some more thought
If we can implement the same as Eclipse plugin, would be great.

Have one more recommendation as a tool JSystemTest
The tool is based on Eclipse, though it brings in its own philosophy,
but being open source we can extends it.
This tool is on my top priority list to be evaluated for testing
automation. Have interacted with these folks, and found them quite
serious about their offerings.

I see a good use of ProtoTiger
( to be used
for Packet code generation.


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