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From Lorenz Breu <>
Subject Re: SLP DA status
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 14:12:56 GMT
hi guys
> That's great.  How about contributing it to Directory?
That was the idea initially, I just built it standalone first so that I
could "plug in" various backends.

> Yes this can be done.  Was just hoping something can form about SLP
> here at Apache.  Regardless the story goes on and anything is possible.
it should actually be fairly straightforward. jSLP provides a
getDirectoryAgent() method which kicks off the SLPCore, initializes all
the MINA stuff and starts running... So it's just a matter of plugging
it in the right spot in the directory architecture ( I guess
protocol-slp) and getting the SLP and ADS config "in synch". I just
didn't want to duplicate code by creating both a standalone jSLP
implementation with an embedded ADS (can of course also be "opened" by
starting the networking layer) and an ADS with embedded jSLP...

I am handing in the thesis on thursday, then i'm off for a weekend of
celebrations ;) i hope to release next week if possible so that you can
look into it and provide feedback. but i have to check with jan and the
folks at the ETH first (legal mumbo-jumbo)

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