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From Christine Koppelt <>
Subject Re: Project reorganization proposal
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 18:14:02 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

the Kerberos stuff is quite broken atm mainly due to a lack of
reliable unit tests (for example [1]) and the whole
bigbang-mina2-merging thing. So far it's not such a big thing to fix
it. I started with it last week and at the moment it's at least
possible again to start the server and obtain TGTs (will write another
mail about this after doing a bit more tests), but I fear if there is
another big reorganisation of the whole codebase it would be much
harder to fix.

My suggestion: Fix the stuff, so that the server has at least the
kerberos functionality it had back in 1.5.1, and, more important, add
unit-tests that reliable test the whole functionality. If we then have
at least 2+x (x>=0) committers for it, I will support this proposal.
I'm willing to work on the Kerberos server further, but don't have
that much time atm. Kiran, it would be great if you could also have a
look at it.




2009/4/3 Emmanuel Lecharny <>:
> Hi guys,
> it's now one week ApacheConference EU is over and we had time to recover
> (barely) from this very interesting event. As Alex is still in Paris, we
> also had time to share some ideas about the internal project organization
> (I'm specifically refering the source base, not about the people and roles
> here). Let me now share those ideas with the dev list.
> We currently have a few 'top level' projects :
> * Apache DS 1.0
> * Apache DS 1.5
> * Studio
> * Triplesec
> Those are the projects a user can see on the web site. It's maybe time to
> change that a bit. We could have something like :
> * LDAP Client-API
> * ApacheDS
>  o ADS 1.0 (will die some day ...)
>  o ADS 1.5 (won't survive 2.0)
>  o ADS 2.0 (soon !)
> * Studio
> * Kerberos
> * Triplesec
> - The LDAP client-API will be a new project, marked as 'WiP' (Work in
> Progress).
> - Kerberos may deserves its own project at some point, if we have aenough
> committers working on it. Obviously will be marked as WiP. The big advantage
> wpuld be to potentially bring more visibility to this project
> - Triplesec should also be marked as WiP, or even better, 'prototype'.
> Now, let's think about the inner modules. The new client-API will contain a
> lot of shared code. Here are the elements I see can be part of the
> client-API :
> o Entry
> o Connection
> o LDIF
> o DSML
> o DN
> o RDN
> o AttributeTypeAndValue
> o ObjectClass
> o AttributeType
> o Syntax
> o MatchingRule
> o Message (all the LDAP requests)
> Then we can change the dependencies : the client-API will depend from
> shared, and all other modules will depend on both client-API and shared.
> That does not change drastically the ApacheDS project though.
> May be we can rename Client-API to Apache LDAP API too, as the server will
> depend on the client-API.
> wdyt ?
> --
> --
> cordialement, regards,
> Emmanuel Lécharny

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