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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Usage of ldap connection.core in custom rcp
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 10:58:32 GMT
Hi Erdal,

Quoting Erdal Karaca <>:

> Now, when trying to use a ldap connection (connection obtained from
> connection manager of connection.core),
> there is always an error when connection is bound:
> javax.naming.NamingException: No authentification handler
>  at
> It seems that connection.core somehow depends on connection.ui.
> So, what is the preferred way of using just the core plugins without ui?
You are right. The connection UI plugin injects some dependencies to  
the core plugin.

You need to implement your own IAuthHandler and set it via  
ConnectionCorePlugin.setAuthHandler(), see the UIAuthHandler class for  
an example. The purpose of this handler is to ask the user for the  
password if the password isn't saved in the connection properties.

Maybe it makes sense to set a default IAuthHandler in the core plugin,  
that throws an exception if no password is available. This default  
could then be overwritten by the UI plugin. Any contribution is  
welcomed :-)

The same should be done for the IReferralHandler, this is used to ask  
the user for the target connection of an referral.

Kind Regards,

BTW: I'm just curious: What kind of custom RCP application are you  
working on, if you could talk about?

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