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From Julien Vermillard <>
Subject Re: [tcnative, MINA multicast, SLP]: jSLP dependencies
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 14:36:06 GMT
on the MINA part, I looked your patch, it need some work in both term
of doco and extracting common parts between AprSocketXXX and
AprDatagramXXX because most of the logic is the same. I plan to work on
that next week on MINA TRUNK, so if it's integrated it's going to be in
MINA 2.0.0-RC1.


Le Tue, 07 Apr 2009 15:57:21 +0200,
Lorenz Breu <> a écrit :

> Hi guys
> Sorry for the cross-post two 3 lists, but this whole jSLP issue
> depends on work from all three areas...
> As mentioned in the ApacheDS devlist, jSLP will be ready for release
> really soon. However, jSLP relies on:
> -----------------------------------------------
> MINA multicasting
> I implemented AprDatagram classes in order to be able to multicast
> using MINA. These classes are currently being revised. I used the
> classes myself and they seem to work, both when used by the
> standalone jSLP directory agent as well as when used as OSGi bundles
> (equinox). These classes however require:
> -----------------------------------------------
> tomcat native
> There were a bunch of typo bugs in the release version of tomcat
> native (have been fixed by now) when I started working on jSLP/MINA,
> so I was forced to use my own fixed version of libtcnative and tomcat
> native (aka tomcat-apr aka tomcat-jni) here. I inserted a fixed
> version into my local maven repo to be able to build MINA and jSLP. I
> also needed tomcat jni to run as a bundle, so I whipped up a quick
> pom.xml to build me a tomcat-jni OSGi bundle including the (fixed)
> libtcnative libraries for windows (doesn't work, multicast fails
> without any errors), linux 32 bit and linux 64 bit (both worked, used
> them myself).
> So my questions are the following:
> - Is there a timeframe on the official release of the tomcat native
> code to the maven central repo?
> - Will there be an OSGi bundle version including the native code?
> - Is there a timeframe on the official relase of the AprDatagram code,
> even if in some kind of beta version?
> - If the answer to any of the above is "yes", can I also get some info
> on version etc. in order to adjust my POM.xml files for jSLP 2.0?
> cheers,
> lorenz

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