On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:31 PM, Stefan Seelmann <seelmann@apache.org> wrote:
Hi Antoine,

Antoine Toulme wrote:
> Hey guys, I'd like to keep this going on. Should I consider discussing
> this on infra ? Open a bug about it ? Please let me know. Thanks!

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to install babel on my computer in order
to see how it works. However I'm quite busy atm, so I want to play with
it at ApacheCon in two weeks. Do you also attend ApacheCon?
No, sorry. I will be listening intently though.

You said that at eclipse.org you use the Bugzilla account. Is this a
single-sign-on or do you authenticate against the Bugzilla user
database? Do you think it is also possible to re-use a Jira account?
There is a users table and the Eclipse webmasters had set a data bridge to keep it in sync with the Bugzilla one.

I made the login operation pluggable, ie you can change the authentication method (with BZ you compare hashes for example).

It could be possible with some work to get rid of the users table and rely on some other system, but somehow that sounds ambitious to me.

Another question about the UI: I looked at babel.eclipse.org and I
wondered how to use it. I mean there is a huge list of property files.
If I see a wrong label in some dialog in eclipse, how could I find that
label in babel?
Kit Lo, our lead, implemented the pseudo translations pack for that. You can load up the Eclipse instance, install it like a normal language pack, and you will see the English strings preceded by a number: we create html pages that contain a reference of those numbers, so people can trace back to the string in Eclipse.

That's still rough, but that's better than nothing.
I can't find a search function, have I missed it?
We still have to do one, yes. We have a bug opened for it, but we're very short on resources.

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