On 3/4/09, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@apache.org> wrote:
Stefan Seelmann wrote:
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
I lile the idea a lot, but there is a small problem : if we offer users
to submit translations, as those translations will be included into the
packaged product, and as anyone on the planet can submit such a
translation, we can't make them sign a CLA in due form...

That's OK for packaged version of Studio outside of Apache, but not for
us, as we mandate any of our contributor to give back the ownership of
what they committed to The ASF. Atm, that means all we can do is to
propose that the translation is to be attached into a JIRA.

Anyone has an idea on how we can fix this ?


In JIRA we have the "Attachment License" checkbox. Maybe we could use
the same principle here? We only accept translation contributions if the
translator grants the copyright license.

For Eclipse, we enforce users to sign in with their bugzilla account . In the terms of use that people agree on, everything they contribute is ok'ed to be placed under EPL. They keep the copyright though.

I'm ok with that, i'm just wondering how the Babel system works. AFAIU, this is a remote database, and you grab the resources from it while packaging the project. Is that it ?

Yes. We actaully package language packs as an update site for people to try translations every night.  I created a generation API if you want to do something more custom.

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