Hi, my name is Antoine Toulme and I work for Intalio, Inc.
We are interested into packaging Apache DS Studio, and we will need to internationalize it.

I am a committer over the Eclipse Babel project, and more precisely on the Babel server, a PHP written UI for people to contribute translations.

A PHP script runs every night and picks up the properties file from your repository. I see you did the work of pushing strings to properties already, so that part should be ok.

At Eclipse, people log in with their bugzilla id, and contribute translations directly in various languages to the projects present.
We build language packs with a set of zip files and an update site.

Would you be interested into having a Babel instance at Apache for the same purpose ? That way we would contribute translations to your project by sending people to your Babel instance.

Take a tour at http://babel.eclipse.org and let me know what you think!