Hello Emmanuel,
Thanks for your email.
I will get back to you soon about the topics you published here. wondering if I can get some more details about the task(s)?
I was browsing the directory gsoc2008 idea list on the following link:
It seems that following idea is already been implemented
- > Implement Directory Agent (DA) in SLP
and what about "Implement the IPv6 support in the Apache DS SLP provider"
Could you please confirm me about this?
Many Thanks.
On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 12:02 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@apache.org> wrote:
> Rahul SOA wrote:
>> Hello Emmanuel/Alex/Devs,
> Hi Rahul,
>> Thanks for your quick reply.
>> I am new to ApacheDS but due to having interest in LDAP and Java I am
>> interested in this.  I am trying to get some enough knowledge of
>> project to propose something. I am looking into the project (DS part,
>> studio and Triplesec) to understand it.  It will be really
>> advantageous, if you can share your thought about incoming
>> projects/ideas. Thanks in advance.
> Following your mail, we had a quick convo about what could be the subjects
> on which you could work :
> - a LDAP graphical proxy in Studio (extracting the exchanged PDU and
> presenting them in the GUI, with there decoded values)
> - A web UI to administrate the server
> - Addition of some metrics into the server (like number of requests - per
> period of time, gathered, etc)
> and many more.
> - Revitalizing the Triplesec project
> - Contributions to Groovy LDAP
> - GUI to manage the Kerberos  server
> So far, this is a very first drop of ideas, some of them are quite huge (I'm
> thinking about TripleSec, for instance : it's a bit to big to fit in a GSoc
> project, IMHO)
> Tell us if there is something on which you might be interested in !
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> cordialement, regards,
> Emmanuel Lécharny
> www.iktek.com
> directory.apache.org