Hi all,

I have just recently pulled out some of the API classes in core into the new core-api package.  I did this to be able to break out the new LdifPartition into it's own module.  Eventually I would like to be able to push the JDBM partition into it's own jar as well.  This step makes it trivial now.  I could continue with this direction and really make some nice separations that make OSGi much more viable for ADS.   Unfortunately we have to move rapidly so I stopped for now so I can move on to pushing the configuration into the DIT.

I was wondering if anyone is interested in working with me on this aspect of breaking apart the core.  Doing this is actually not bad and it helps to see the structure of the server not to mention the benefits we gain from doing it.  Although I don't have the time to do it myself past how much was already done I can review the changes being made by someone else interested in ADS going to OSGi.

Let me know if you're interested.