Hi all

I install ApacheDS 1.0.2 on my Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) system and use ldapsearch to test the connection. I found that when I change user password, I can't use new password to authenticate user. But the old password works. The new password may take effect after waiting for a while (maybe 30 minutes or so, not sure) and will take affect after restart ApacheDS. Note that I was using ldapsearch to authenticate user. Apache Directory Studio can verify the new password without problem. Similar problem occurs when I change a cn attribute: the old one still works!

Then I install ApacheDS 1.5.4 and the above problem is gone. But our project have integrated ApacheDS 1.0.2 and it's hard for me to upgrade to 1.5.4 now. So I want  to solve this problem in 1.0.2. Does anyone can give me some advice on how to solve this problem? Or tell me what changes in 1.5.4's code or settings solve the problem? Thanks in advance!

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