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From "rahul.soa" <>
Subject Re: Initial Draft for gsoc proxy plugin project
Date Sat, 28 Mar 2009 16:18:08 GMT
Hello Martin,

Thanks for your immediate suggestions.

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 1:00 PM, Martin Alderson
<> wrote:
> Hi Rahul,
> I know that personally I would like to see a standalone service (non-gui) to start with
that would act as an intermediate LDAP server, passing all requests on to a target LDAP server.
 This could be configured to do various tasks like dump the requests and responses to an
LDIF file, load balance.. etc.

Yes, I agree with you and what you suggested above is convincing for
me as well. As all the requests/responses pass through the proxy where
we can keep them in LDIF file for analysis (I guess). In addition,
proxy can think about the load balancing before forwarding the
requests to LDAP servers.

 I don't know if the proxy you describe would work at that level.

  What I described in the draft was more or less a “debugger tool” as
an eclipse plugin (GUI) just to analyze the request/response to and
from server.

> Thinking about it further perhaps this would just involve writing a new pass-through
partition (backend) for ApacheDS (I think this has been talked about in the past).  This
partition would send a request on to another target LDAP server instead of using it against
a local database.

Yes. honestly, I need to understand the internals to see how we can
implement this and can implement a new intermediary pass through
partition for this. I am reading developers documentation.

> Once we have that a Studio plug-in could be written to show the output of the journal
or changelog interceptors that I think Emmanuel's been working on.  In addition or instead
of that we could write an extra "debug" ApacheDS interceptor to allow Studio to intercept
a request and decide what to do with it in real time (i.e. cancel or continue with an optional
Yes right.

> This seems to me to be a more flexible and useful direction to take rather than just
writing another standalone tool.  I think it also helps to have the project broken into mostly
independent chunks like this.
> How does that sound?
It sounds appealing to me and giving me both functionality (proxy and
debugger) separately.

And with this discussion I am familiar with two terms partition and interceptor.

> Martin

Best Regards,
> -----Original Message-----
> From: rahul.soa []
> Sent: Wednesday 25 March 2009 23:26
> To: Apache Directory Developers List
> Subject: Initial Draft for gsoc proxy plugin project
> Hello Devs,
> I have written an initial draft for gsoc "LDAP proxy plugin" project.
> Can you please suggest about the modifications (what should be added or should be removed
from it)?
> // quote
> Title/Summary: LDAP Proxy Plug-in
> --------------
> Abstract:
> ---------
> To develop an eclipse plug-in for exposing and storing the exchanged messages between
the LDAP server and client for debugging/diagnosing purpose. This plug-in will be encapsulated
in Apache Studio.
> Detailed Description:
> ---------------------
> In order to expose message exchange (request/response - such as bind, search, add entry,
delete entry, modify entry etc.)  between the Directory Server (LDAP Server) and client (Apache
Studio), there is a need of proxy tool (initially a debugger tool) which will allow us to
analyze the exchanged decoded messages. Furthermore, this proxy should allow us to store the
messages in xml format to generate tests based on those recorded requests/responses messages.
> This proxy will be integrated in the Apache Studio as an eclipse plug-in and will provide
the debugging facility "on demand". This proxy plug-in will be able to work with any kind
of LDAP server. The basic idea is to extract the exchanged PDU (Protocol Data Unit) and to
present them with their decoded values. This will enable us to explore the system to understand
how it works by tracing down the request and response and to see what messages we send to
and receive from the LDAP server.
> The future work could be to extend this debugging/diagnostic tool to a real proxy by
implementing some additional new features like integrating a LDAP smart load balancer or switch
(smartly distribute the connection and search requests based on the namingContext across replica
and by taking advantage of already populated cache respectively), failover mechanism (to improve
the availability) and security features (filtering mechanism and logging utilities etc).
> Deliverables:
> 1. To develop proxy plug-in for Apache Directory Studio with the following features:
>   -> To expose the decoded exchanged messages in UI
>   -> To store the messages in the xml file
>   -> To generate the tests based on the stored messages
> 2. Testing with LDAP Server and Apache Studio 3. Documentation 4. Future work indication
> //Unquote
> Any suggestion will be appreciable.
> Many Thanks.
> Best Regards,
> Rahul

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