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From "rahul.soa" <>
Subject Re: want to contribute in the project
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 23:41:46 GMT
Hello Alex,

Many thanks for encouraging me so much.

In fact, I myself want to be a part of the ApacheDS family and I want to
work with the community as a member not just for short time and now with
yours and with the community support I decided to work on PROXY idea for my
gsoc project (if mentors permit) as I see there is lot to do. I believe i
will stick with project even after the completion of the gsoc project.

I will also ask many silly questions being a newcomer :-)

Thanks again for the support.

Best Regards,

On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 5:24 PM, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:

> Well let me say that I for one am looking for candidates that will stick
> around as part of the community well after GSOC is over. Although there are
> no such requirements, I'm personally not interested in people coming,
> writing code, then leaving the project.  I know life can do that and there
> needs to be flexibility but we're hoping you'll be around as part of our
> family here.
> With that said yes the load balancing proxy idea is involved and will take
> much more than 3 months to perfect. However it is challenging and fun to do
> - much better than a boring easy project. Also the beauty of this is that I
> assure you several people and companies will want to use this for not just
> ApacheDS but other LDAP servers which are proxied.  The user base will be
> there to help you work out the kinks - and that's pretty sweet to get
> feedback from those using it in the feild.
> So I would not be concerned about time frames and other things. Pick
> something you're going to like doing and attack it. Rip open your shirt and
> show us the 'S' underneath that people with passion have. Be brave, and
> willing to fail even. You learn more from failures and challenging
> situations than you do successes.
> WRT the components that will be involved. Take a look around and tell us
> what you think will be needed/involved.  This will help you understand the
> big picture.  When you see the big picture yourself instead of someone
> telling you what it should look like, it has much more meaning to you.  It's
> your big picture.
> Regards,
> Alex
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 5:41 PM, rahul.soa <>wrote:
>> Hello Alex/Emmanuel,
>> Thanks for your suggestions.
>> With all this discussion and information provided by you and some of the
>> pointers searched on internet, I am interested in the proxy project and I
>> think with the smart load balancer (more interested in this), failover
>> mechanism, security features can make LDAP Proxy more robust.  btw, is
>> developing a load blaancer a separate project idea for proxy project ?
>> Since I am new to ApacheDS project so at this moment its bit difficult for
>> me to evaluate about the volume of work involved in this LDAP proxy project
>> for gsoc (not sure how much work will be involved for about 3-month). In
>> other words, what is the scope of the project (I think it needs to be
>> defined based on the existing functionality for Proxy)?
>> Could you also let me know about the tools and technologies will be used
>> like Java (i am sure about it!), Windows/Linux? or others?
>> Thanks again.
>> Best Regards,
>> Rahul
>> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 3:44 PM, Alex Karasulu <>wrote:
>>> Coming in late here but some other items that would be interesting would
>>> be:
>>>   o New LDAP Client API based on entry API
>>>       - new client implementation to replace using JNDI
>>>   o ApacheDS command console using new mina SSH server
>>>       - you ssh into ApacheDS to issue commands for managing it
>>>   o Finish off object/class mapping for LDAP
>>>       - Kiran has done some work here and this will be very useful down
>>> the line
>>> BTW the proxy idea is great in as much has been discussed but I see some
>>> other opportunities with an LDAP proxy. Namely as a LDAP smart load balancer
>>> or switch.  Not many load balancers out there consider application layer (7)
>>> specifics, even less specifically are aware of LDAP issues when it comes to
>>> load balancing.  The proxy can help with that and can be a stand alone
>>> service.
>>> You can do so much here:
>>>   o distribute client connections based on a namingContext across
>>> replicas serving that context
>>>   o distribute search requests based last similar request to take
>>> advantage of already populated cache - for example if I search for (uid=ra*)
>>> on replica A with client 1, then it makes sense to route the same search
>>> from client 2 to replica A if the same request is issued within some time
>>> threshold.  This way the cache in replica A containing for the index on uid
>>> can be used to perform the search faster etc.
>>> I have a few of these ideas for an LDAP load balancer after some of my
>>> recent experiences working with production situations.  Might be a fun
>>> project that would produce something very useful in production.
>>> Thanks,
>>>  Alex
>>> On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 5:50 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <>wrote:
>>>> Rahul SOA wrote:
>>>>>  It was a Swing ui
>>>>>>  so that means it is not available in the current version of the
>>>>> Studio. Is
>>>>>> it?
>>>>> yep.
>>>>>  Is this enough for you as a description ?
>>>>>>> Yes, by this time its enough. I have got some idea about the
>>>>>>> proxy
>>>>>>> and I think it interests me more now. Moving on, do we already
>>>>>>> decoder
>>>>>>> (PDU decoder) to decode PDU (req/res message) to display the
>>>>>>> in the
>>>>>>> GUI? I think, we can reuse the existing UI.
>>>>>> we have all the code to encode/decode PDU. The idea is to rewrite
>>>> Proxy as an eclipse plugin, and to integrate ot into Studio, not to define
>>>> Swing UI. This might be a bit more complex, but more powerful and useful.
>>>> --
>>>> --
>>>> cordialement, regards,
>>>> Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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