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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject [Studio] Toward a 1.4.0 release of Apache Directory Studio
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 17:02:10 GMT
Hi guys,
I'd like to give you a brief status on the issues we have on the Studio
1.4.0 roadmap.

Here are the 29 issues that have been fixed/resolved/closed:
DIRSTUDIO-478  -  The 'Exit' menu item from the 'File' menu should be
removed when running on Mac OS X
DIRSTUDIO-474  -  Support for parentOfEntry userClass in ACI Editor
DIRSTUDIO-472  -  SWTException (Widget is disposed) when disabling DIT Quick
DIRSTUDIO-470  -  Schema Browser view is not bring to front when using the
'Open Schema Browser' menu item while the view is already opened but not the
frontmost view
DIRSTUDIO-469  -  added wrong AttributeTypes can't be deleted
DIRSTUDIO-468  -  The LDIF parser does not correctly parse changes
DIRSTUDIO-465  -  Context entry created from an LDIF import is not shown in
the Browser view
DIRSTUDIO-463  -  Browsing the directory produce too many search requests
DIRSTUDIO-460  -  Pressing 'Enter' in New Entry wizard should edit the
DIRSTUDIO-457  -  Unknown schema causes attributes to be treated as
DIRSTUDIO-456  -  Cannot create an entry with mandatory binary attribute
DIRSTUDIO-455  -  Cannot copy/past an existing search
DIRSTUDIO-449  -  Add a new GeneralizedTime Value Editor
DIRSTUDIO-440  -  Multiple user permissions precedence issue
DIRSTUDIO-439  -  Ldif importer should be case-insensitive in the changeType
DIRSTUDIO-436  -  Eclipse Hangs on Startup
DIRSTUDIO-430  -  NullPointer exception when fetching children of a node
DIRSTUDIO-427  -  Operational attributes turned on by itself
DIRSTUDIO-423  -  Outline view does not respect the settings of the Entry
Editor on displaying or not the operational attributes
DIRSTUDIO-420  -  Unable to locate in DIT (f3)
DIRSTUDIO-419  -  Problems switching between connections
DIRSTUDIO-396  -  custom LDAP attributes not shown in entry editor
DIRSTUDIO-395  -  Problems with special chars (german Umlauts)
DIRSTUDIO-373  -  Can't delete a tagged attribute if the non tagged
attribute belong to the DN
DIRSTUDIO-335  -  DIT Quick Search
DIRSTUDIO-241  -  The "New Value" action (in the Entry Editor) should be
disabled if the AT is defined as single valued
DIRSTUDIO-234  -  Greyed out menu items should have a tool tip explaining
*why* they're greyed out
DIRSTUDIO-207  -  Operationnal attributes cannot be shown entirely
DIRSTUDIO-115  -  Unable to edit operational attribute values

We have very important issues that has been resolved since 1.3.0.
Especially DIRSTUDIO-463, which can cause thousands of unwanted requests,
slowing a lot the browser, but also comprehension improvements of the UI.
We also introduced new features like the DIT Quick Search (DIRSTUDIO-335)
or an improved GeneralizedTime Value Editor (DIRSTUDIO-449)

We also have those other 29 open/in progress/reopened issues:
DIRSTUDIO-477  -  Update Eclipse dependencies to version 3.4.2
DIRSTUDIO-476  -  Add support for Extended Operations
DIRSTUDIO-466  -  Incorrect error message when importing a bad XML schema
DIRSTUDIO-458  -  [I18n] Bundle Eclipse language packs
DIRSTUDIO-454  -  Colliding attributeType and objectClass names not
DIRSTUDIO-453  -  [I18n] Translate Help files
DIRSTUDIO-451  -  [I18n] Templates not I18ned in LdifEditor
DIRSTUDIO-447  -  Add the ability to use wildcards (?, *) in the ATs or OCs
selection dialog to ease the search
DIRSTUDIO-446  -  Allow the user to rename any item using the F2 shortcut
DIRSTUDIO-445  -  Allow the user to rename a schema in the editor
DIRSTUDIO-444  -  Allow the user to enter the names of an item inline (using
',' as separator) in the OC and AT Editors
DIRSTUDIO-443  -  The warning and error overlay for OCs and ATs sometimes
(often) lacks forgets some items
DIRSTUDIO-442  -  Typo in a warning of the New ObjectClass wizard
('attribute type' instead of 'object class')
DIRSTUDIO-441  -  New ObjectClass and AttributeType wizards always show a
warning indicating that the item does not have any name
DIRSTUDIO-437  -  Alias are not exposed as such in the browser
DIRSTUDIO-426  -  Overwritten hashCode() method should not use
DIRSTUDIO-417  -  DSML export
DIRSTUDIO-415  -  Add a XML tab for the server configuration
DIRSTUDIO-413  -  Add possibility to make connections read-only
DIRSTUDIO-412  -  Add expand all and collapse all actions to the connections
DIRSTUDIO-411  -  Select a new created folder in the connection view
DIRSTUDIO-401  -  DIRSTUDIO-359 Improve the handling of the Authentication
in the DSML Engine
DIRSTUDIO-400  -  DIRSTUDIO-359 Provide a JNDI SearchResult/DSML
SearchResult mapping
DIRSTUDIO-399  -  DIRSTUDIO-359 Improve the DSML Engine
DIRSTUDIO-397  -  Request for multi-language GUI
DIRSTUDIO-371  -  entries with a ref attribute should be shown N times in
the browser (N = number of ref values)
DIRSTUDIO-359  -  Improve DSML parser classes
DIRSTUDIO-155  -  Logging capabilities needed
DIRSTUDIO-150  -  Improve error handling

Internationalization is almost done. We now have Studio running in English,
German and French. A general review is now needed for the German and the
French translation before closing the related issues

The move to the latest Eclipse dependencies (version 3.4.2) is currently in
progress and should be fixed by the end of this week.

>From the list above, I think we can still easily and quickly fix a few
simple issues (thinking about DIRSTUDIO-412
But, there are also issues requiring more refactoring and time.

The latest version of Apache Directory Studio (1.3.0) has been released on
November 24th 2008, 4 months ago.
We've had some discussion, here at ApacheCon, and we think it's time to
think at releasing the version 1.4.0 version very soon.
It could be ready next week.

Any thoughts?


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