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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [Client API] Ldap connection object
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 21:50:48 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Let's start with the LDAP connection.
> Having it as a simple object is natural. It will be named LDAPConnection
> (the same name as the jLDAP API, so that people using it won't be lost).
> This object will carry all the operations : abandon, add, bind, compare,
> delete, modify, modifydn search and unbind. We should also be able to
> manage extended requests.
> Before sening any LDAP request, the user will have to connect (ie,
> create a new socket).
> A question would be : do we have to rename some operation like modifyDN
> to simplest methods like rename, move, moveAndRename ? I'm leaning
> toward this direction, just because the semantic is easier to handle.
> What should we manage in the connection otherwise ? Obviously, SSL and
> StartTLS. SSL could be set using a parameter in the parameter, like
> LDAPConnection.useSSL( true ); Configuration is also important. We will
> need to expose many other parameters (limits, timeout, Controls)

It would be cool configure a connection with default parameters, that
are used as default for operations. For example the connection could be
configured with a default search size limit that is used for each search
request (but could be overwritten of course).

Some methods I have in mind:

setDefaultSearchScope(some Enum)
setDefaultSearchBase(String dn / LdapDN dn)

setDefaultDerefAliasMethod(some Enum)
setDefaultReferralsHandlingMethod(some Enum)

I think for controls it makes sense to define them per operation type
because most controls only make sense for a specific operations:
setDefaultSearchControls(Controls..controls) - like paged search
setDefaultDeleteControls(Controls..controls) - like tree delete control

Kind Regards,

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