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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS 1.5 - Build failure
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 17:37:28 GMT
Hi Rahul,

rahul.soa wrote:
>     I added these constants yesterday to the shared-ldap-constants.
>     However the latest build of shared-ldap-constants in the snapshot
>     repository [1] is from 2009-03-09. Is there a problem with the
>     CI-build [2]?
> How will I do CI-build? I am sorry, Its new for me.

We have some common code in the Shared sub-project [1], it is used by
the Server and Studio. The current Studio trunk has dependencies to the
Shared trunk, more precisely to shared version 0.9.14-SNAPSHOT.

Fortunately we can use the Apache CI-Build [2],[4] that watches for
changes in SVN trunk, builds the projects and deploys them to the
snapshot repository [3].

When you build the studio trunk with 'mvn clean install' maven checks
the repositories for updates and downloads them. However there was a
problem in that CI-Build. Now it's working fine again, please try again
with svn up && mvn clean install.

Kind Regards,

PS: In my case I made a change in the shared code and built on my
computer, so the new jar was deployed to my local maven repository and I
was able use it immediately to build studio. So I didn't notice that the
CI-Build wasn't working, sorry.


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