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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: [Studio] Validation of server configuration against schema
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2009 19:01:24 GMT
Hi David

> What is stopping you from doing the validation? AFAIK it ought to be 
> possible.

It simple doesn't works ...

felix@donar /tmp $ xmllint --version
xmllint: using libxml version 20703
    compiled with: Threads Tree Output Push Reader Patterns Writer SAXv1 FTP HTTP DTDValid
HTML Legacy C14N Catalog 
XPath XPointer XInclude Iconv ISO8859X Unicode Regexps Automata Expr Schemas Schematron Modules
Debug Zlib

felix@donar /tmp $ xmllint default-server-1.5.4.xml --schema apacheds-xbean-spring-1.5.4.xsd
default-server-1.5.4.xml:25: element beans: Schemas validity error : Element 
'{}beans': No matching global declaration available
for the validation root.
default-server-1.5.4.xml fails to validate
felix@donar /tmp $

[1] default*.xml:
[2] apacheds*.xsd:


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