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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject MINA bug lists
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 19:05:23 GMT
Hi guys,

at some point, we will have to release this 2.0.0-RC1 everyone is 
expecting. I have listed all the open issues we have in JIRA, those 
associated with this version, and a list of 42 issues non scheduled.

It would be nice to determinate which issues are absolutes no-no for the 
release, and which ones can be differed for a 2.0.0-RC2. I assume that 
improvements and new features are to be postponed either to a 2.1 or a 3.0.

Here you are :

2.0.0-RC1 issues :
Bug  DIRMINA-604 Deadlock occurs when implementing two mina StateMachine 
Bug  DIRMINA-632 WriteFuture.awaitUninterruptibly() or .join() hangs if 
write() throws Exceptions
Bug  DIRMINA-539 NioDatagramConnector doesn't takes the TrafficClass 
value set to his DatagramSessionConfig
Task DIRMINA-575 Add the missing Javadoc, add some comments Blocker
Task DIRMINA-477 Update page about differences between 1.x and 2.x
Task DIRMINA-32  Revise JavaDoc, PPT, and Tutorial
Task DIRMINA-612 Add documentation on SingleSessionIohandlerImpr 
DIRMINA-594 Javadoc & documentation for APR transport
Impr DIRMINA-593 Javadoc & documentation for org/apache/mina/filter/reqres

Unscheduled issues :
Bug  DIRMINA-650 Mina server does not recieve all data sent by client 
using SSLSocketFactory
Bug  DIRMINA-666 HTTP header parsing example incompatible with rfc2616 / 
content-length field name should be interrepted as case-insensitive
Bug  DIRMINA-588 High CPU Usage in AprIoProcessor
Bug  DIRMINA-634 IllegalStateException: Already released Buffer in 
SSLFilter messageSent()
Bug  DIRMINA-419 about the Proxy example
Bug  DIRMINA-379 setKeepAlive/setTcpNoDelay and exceptions in Windows Vista
Bug  DIRMINA-596 Sessions generated by NioSocketConnector cannot be 
closed in time (within MINA2.0 M1,M2)
Bug  DIRMINA-642 Disposing an IoConnector blocks forever
Bug  DIRMINA-647 WriteFuture.isWritten() never returns true even when 
data is actually sent on the serial port using serial transport
Bug  DIRMINA-646 More than required data sent on serial port through 
serial transport
Bug  DIRMINA-651 Data Race in org.apache.mina.core.session.AbstractIoSession
Bug  DIRMINA-653 IoSession.write not thread-safe? Loosing messages under 
heavy multi-threaded write on same session.
Bug  DIRMINA-659 AccessControlException when running MINA in a Applet: 
RuntimePermission "modifyThread"
Impr DIRMINA-509 DatagramConnector.connect() is slow compared to 
connect() with
Impr DIRMINA-572 Add Spring support for Mina statemachine
Impr DIRMINA-601 Add sendfile support to transport-apr
Impr DIRMINA-301 New Multi threaded SocketIOProcessor to improve 
fairness of socket reads/writes
Impr DIRMINA-616 New release.xml file
Impr DIRMINA-237 Improve Spring integration
Impr DIRMINA-166 Common internal messages that can be shared by filters 
and transport implementations
Impr DIRMINA-657 SSL Filter and IoHandler.
Impr DIRMINA-371 Annotations to document concurrency
Feat DIRMINA-453 Multiple IoServices for one java.nio.Selector
Feat DIRMINA-68  Automatic reconnect configuration for client channels.
Feat DIRMINA-485 SCTP Transport based on APR (Apache Portable Runtime)
Feat DIRMINA-23  New transport type: non-NIO sockets
Feat DIRMINA-484 Datagram transport based on APR (Apache Portable Runtime)
Feat DIRMINA-423 Read-write ratio configuration for SocketIoProcessor
Feat DIRMINA-424 Automatic read-write ratio configuration
Feat DIRMINA-128 IoSession.shutdown(TrafficMask)
Feat DIRMINA-499 Bindings for Scala
Feat DIRMINA-258 Example of an XML server and Client.
Feat DIRMINA-389 Create a Connection Throttle Filter
Feat DIRMINA-500 Cache for encoded messages.
Feat DIRMINA-655 Add a more general purpose text based decoder
Feat DIRMINA-196 Connection shaper
Task DIRMINA-643 Remove Xbeans from MINA
Task DIRMINA-250 Provide a test suite for a transport implementor.
Task DIRMINA-188 All-in-one JAR
Test DIRMINA-355 Modified sumup client to act as a jmeter javarequest 
Wish DIRMINA-192 Clustering for transparent load balancing
Wish DIRMINA-641 Configurable memory limit for CompressionFilter

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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