Thanks for this Felix.  BTW sorry for not being able to test the deploy (crazy day yesterday).  You still need me to do this?


On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 3:01 AM, Felix Knecht <> wrote:
- Update to latest ASF TLP (apache-5.pom)
- Consolidate pluginManagement sections in Directory TLP an have it in subproject poms only where specific plugins are
needed. This should make maintenance of plugins easier and make sure that all of the directory projects are using the
same version of a plugin
- Adapt deployment configuration of snapshots to ASF TLP to make it easier to deploy Snapshots from the ASF CI (but up
to now it's not working, see mail I sent to the Infra ML:
- Update wiki howto deploy snapshot artifacts and generated site to custom location
- Remove default nag mail address a CI is using -> nag mails addresses need to be configured in the CI itself (due to
Emmanuels complaint ;) )

I hope that
- I catched everything and it still is building and working well
- Maintenance of plugins is made easier
- Poms are less polluted with 'common' stuff - more of the same in each pom
- The Directory project is now more fit for ASF CI

Still some open tasks
- Make Snapshot deployment from ASF CI possible and remove the corresponding sections in the subproject poms
- Where shall the generated documentation goto? Can this be done also by ASF CI? Do we need a daily generation of the
documentation or shall we generate the documentation only when releasing a component and copy it then to the
directory.a.o site?
- If all above tasks are solved do we still need our oxylos CI?