This should be possible since we've already added several mechanisms in a pluggable fashion.  I'd setup a debugging session and inspect the various data structures to see if your SASL handler is in fact registered.  Then we can work backwards from there.  I need more to understand what's going wrong.


On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 8:09 AM, <> wrote:


I'm using Apache DS 1.5.4 and I need to add custom SASL authentification to the server.

I've created class extended from AbstractMechanismHandler and class extended from AbstractSaslServer.
Then I add it to server.xml the list of <saslMechanismHandlers>.
When I try to connect to the server as a client I receive error that sasl method not supported.

Also I tried to add new mechanism handler in Apache DS in embedded mode.
        Map<String, MechanismHandler> mechanismHandlerMap = new HashMap<String,MechanismHandler>();
        mechanismHandlerMap.put( "CUSTOM", new CustomSASLMechanismHandler() );
        ldapService.setSaslMechanismHandlers( mechanismHandlerMap );

The same error that mechanism not supported.

Did I miss something?
Is it possible to add custom authentificator?

Best regards