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From "Hammond, Steve" <>
Subject [SHARED] Is there an easy way to compare filters, some with OID and some without?
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 15:25:45 GMT
I am trying to compare 2 filters (ExprNode), it happens to be an and
clause, but that is irrelevant.


So my code is if ( filter.equals(groupUnimported))   // special filter


The problem is that when it gets to this code filter =

And groupUnimported= (&(objectClass=group)(!(ugpid=-1)))


I can look at those and know they are equal.  Is there some normalizer I
can run the 2 ExprNodes thru before doing the equals?  I don't want to
do 4 separate equals tests, especially if we start to get bigger filters
that end up as special cases.

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