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From Chuck Robey <>
Subject installation on FreeBSD
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2009 21:13:25 GMT
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I need some help in getting ApacheDS installed on my FreeBSD-8.0 (current) box.
 I'm running a natively-compiled jdk1.6.0 (Sun sources), it's just as stable as
a rock, and I am also running eclipse-3.4.1, and it's equally stable.  Since the
Studio install works through eclipse, I already have that installed (my eclipse
is very, very solidly working, I've done a fair sized project already, and I
love eclipse).  My problem is in getting ApacheDS working.  The tarballs I've
found on the site either need Linux, MacOS, or Windows ... with one exception.
That tarball, named apacheds-1.5.4.tar.gz, hasn't got any of the etc/rc.d files
(stuff that in Linux might be installed in init.d).

I haven't got any test ldap to browse, for checking my Studio install.  I was
hoping to get the apacheds working, and use that output for testing the Studio.

I saw on the web that it (the FreeBSD-apacheds install)  might need a binary
named jsvc.  I saw that my FreeBSD port of Tomcat6 has the tarball for jsvc
embedded (unbuilt) inside it, so I made the fairly  minor modifications to the
configure script inside it, and came up with a jsvc, which I installed into my
/usr/local/jdk1.6.0/bin (softlinked into /usr/local/bin also).  If your prject
offers me two files, I could get going:

(1) the script to start my daemon (needs a "start" parameter, as any rc.d script
would get, all taken care of my the rc files), and
(2) a binary wrapper, for a 32 bit system (i386).

I want to run apacheds very much, but in doing all my web-research, I can't see
where anything's been done in that direction.  I'd sure appreciate any  help you
could offer, and I'd offer my system as a test platform to vetting a version of
ApacheDS.  So, maybe, I could offer something back to you, for your own help.
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