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From ayyagarikiran <>
Subject Re: ChangeLog + revert, broken , take 2
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 13:13:12 GMT

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>>> You can do a revert(int a) followed by a clear(int a) to bring the 
>>> server
>>>> back to state 'a' and remove any record of changes in the changelog.
>>> Better do a clear(). Unless the clear() just remove info from the
>>> changeLog. In my mind, clear = remove from server and changelog.
>> clear() is a method that we're considering putting into the ChangeLog
>> interface.  So it will not remove anything from the DIT but should remove
>> change events from within the ChangeLog.
> So let me sumarize :
> - revert() will remove entries from the backend, but will add the 
> reverted operation into the changelog
the revert can be a 'add' operation also (just to add a point, not that you are not aware

> - clear() will remove everything from the changelog up to a specific rev 
> or tag, but don't remove anything from the server
> That mean we need to do a revert() followed by a clear() to remove 
> entries from the backend and from the changelog, assuming that in this 
> case, we will have added reverted operation into the changeLog for nothing.
> In this case, a revertAndClear() operation which removes entries from 
> the server and remove the associated reverted operations from the 
> changelog, in order to avoid this useless reverted operation creation 
> and storage. We can live with it, but as this is the second iteration on 
> ChangeLog, it may be time to give it a second thought.

have a question here, we are storing every change operation's revision number in 'revisions'
attribute of the entry
this clear() will definitely make this attribute's semantic or any other operations involving
this attribute (e.x an 
entry's entire version history) make it useless

I believe this clear operation can only be helpful in case of entries that no longer exist
in DIT, but still we need 
this info in CL, right?

Kiran Ayyagari

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