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From Nowhere <>
Subject Re: ApacheDs - DIGEST-MD5
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 15:34:50 GMT

Sorry Stephan, 
I have seen your post only now.

Stefan Zoerner-2 wrote:
> Is the value of the fullname and the uid attribute of your users the 
> same? I would it expect that it works with uid only; the CN is not 
> necessarily unique.
> I caused a little misunderstang,  "fullname" is the value of uid for my
> user and not the attibute, so I'm looking using a unique uid.
> Why do you want to perform a search and use the DN, if you can use the 
> unique uis immediatly? Do you plan to use another attribute for logon 
> (like mail)?
> I would search using dn to test the code of that class I attacched and not
> to have to do parsing of dn got by search.
> But the really reason is that I'm trying to use ApacheDs with Alfresco
> (surely you have heard about that) and I'm encountering problems so I
> would like to prove all possible configurations to get it working. I made
> a test class to prove my server firstly. Using only uid works with my test
> class, but not with alfresco. Now, unless, I know it's an alfresco bug or
> configuration problem, but my server is responding and I can correctly
> interrogate it.
> Greetings from Hamburg,
>      Stefan
> Greetings from Italy,
> Nowhere

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