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Hi Pierre-Arnaud,

there is a Modify-Increment Extension, see http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4525. Not sure which LDAP servers implement it.

I think this RFC was intended to enable atomic read-modify operations to increment attribute values rather than as a auto increment field.

One way to implement what PAM is talking about would be to use triggers but we never really got that worked out.  The trigger would increment one or more designated auto-id attributes of a STRUCTURAL objectClass whenever a new instance was created in the DIT.

This feature could of course be implemented without using triggers. A new schema extension can be created to toggle an attributeType of an objectClass as auto-increment.  Don't know for certain if this should only be allowed for STRUCTURAL objectClasses for certain but it feels like it would avoid some issues.


Quoting Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <pa@marcelot.net>:

Hi guys,

I have a tricky question which is not really related specifically to
ApacheDS but more LDAP specific.

I'm working on porting to LDAP a kind of RBAC API for handling Users, Rights
and Applications which is based on a relational database.

Most of these objects are based on an integer primary key (and an
auto-increment property placed on the associated table) that I need to keep
when porting the API.
The problem is LDAP servers does not know about "auto-increment" IDs.

Do you have any recommended design pattern for solving such a problem?