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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Toward 2.0...
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2009 19:57:20 GMT
Hi Emmanuel!

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> I will gather all the items present in the previous roadmap into three 
> different lists :
> 1) Mandatory : what we absolutely need for a 2.0
> 2) Good to have : what we want to have in a 2.0 if we have time to do it
> 3) Not urgent : what we can push in a 2.5 release
> So here is the list :
> 1) Mandatory


> - Interface cleaning : we have to check all the common interfaces and 
> clean them. It's not necessarily a costly task, but as we will freeze 
> the API, we have to do that before 2.0-RC1

This one is really important if someone plans to extend the server. The 
task includes updating the javadoc of the interfaces as well.

> - Documentation : This is also an something we must deliver. 
> Documentation is not only good for our users, it's also good for us, as 
> developpers, because writtng documentation helps to see where the API is 
> not consistent.

Main problem is the configuration, which has changed with each minor 
version. In order to make any progress here, we need to finalize the 
configuration for the 2.0 first. There must be a decision at some point 
about the technologies used etc. (XML, xbeans, stored in DIT, ...). We 
had discussions about this topic every month.

> - VSLDAP : We would like to pass the STANDARD test this year. That 
> should not be too complicated.

In order to reduce workload, I would declare VSLDAP at STANDARD level as 
"Good to have". Only BASE level is "Mandatory" from my point of view.

Even for BASE, stabilizing the configuration soon is a must. Configuring 
the test suite is tricky (especially the SSL part), and it costs time to 
modify it if configuration changes.

Greetings from Hamburg,

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