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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: Toward 2.0...
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2009 16:56:11 GMT

On 04/01/2009 14:54, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
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> ...
>> Would they be re-usable. i.e. Could I copy the data files, and could
>> they be used again if copied over the other files? I am thinking about
>> a backup strategy for the LDAP data.
> We do too. The think is that currently, we are relying on JDBM, and if
> the server crash severely well, you may lost some data. This is
> certainly not something we can accept. Now, this is the bad. About the
> good : a LDAP server is known to be read most of the time, and written a
> few. If we backup the JDBM files, hourly, we will be able to restart the
> server and only lost a few modification. The ChangeLog system will be
> extended in the next few days to write a journal (a LDIF file) in order
> to be able to restore the server state. As we have a unique revision
> number associated with each modification, a bit like subversion, we
> should be able to apply this journal starting at some specific point in
> the past we know to be good.

Copying files hourly should be ok, this should be less of an issue, as 
we would have a replica server on the other side of the world.

Now that sounds good.  Especially if it can be emailed to an ML after 
each change.

> Those two features are for us the _most_ important things we want to
> work on, and we want to start working on it right now, in order to get a
> production ready server.

As our American friends might say, "Shweeeeet"



Tony Stevenson  //

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