hayart check your permissions.  I have a feeling a lot of your issues are due to permission errors.


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hayart wrote:
ok :handshake:
Just _realize_ that we are trying to give you some help remotely. Telling us 'It does not work' isn't an valuable information. Read the page I sent you a link on, it's full of good advices.

ADS is not a simple piece of software, and as the documentation is also lacking, I understand it's not easy for you to get it working. We are working day after day to improve the server, and the documentation, but it takes time. On the other side, a minimal understanding about what is LDAP and Linux is necessary in order to get it working on such an environment, otherwise you will face issues we won't be able give you some help on, as we are assuming you have a base knowledge on those matters.

Last, not least, this is the dev list, not the user list. Your questions, AFACT, deserves to be posted on the users list, as you will be likely to get answers from users who have already experienced the exact same problem.

Many thanks!

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