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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: Configuration ASF continuum
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2008 07:28:22 GMT
Where shall we now put the configuration of the CI Failure Mails:

Pom.xml or only manual configuration in the CI?
Reading Emmanuels blog and the problems he mentioned it seems that
taking it off the pom and only configuring it manually in the CI is the
preferred one.
If this is the way to go we should change the TLP pom, release it and
update all the related poms to use the latest TLP pom as parent.

> Notifier mails goto (manually configured in
> ASF continuum) and to notifications@d.a.o. Do we need both? If not we
> can remove the manually configured one and set the correct on in the
> directory project pom.xml.
> Notification is only set for Failures/Errors. This could be adapted as
> well in the pom.xml (ATM a success mail is sent, but only to the
> notifications list).
> Which list shall be used?

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