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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Configuration ASF continuum [was: Asked INFRA to add Directory in ASF continuum]
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2008 11:37:25 GMT
Felix Knecht schrieb:
>> Ok, I made you admin for the directory project. You should now be able
>> to see everything :)
> It's working, thanks.
> Just a few remarks:
Notifier mails goto (manually configured in
ASF continuum) and to notifications@d.a.o. Do we need both? If not we
can remove the manually configured one and set the correct on in the
directory project pom.xml.
Notification is only set for Failures/Errors. This could be adapted as
well in the pom.xml (ATM a success mail is sent, but only to the
notifications list).
Which list shall be used?

> All projects are run using just 'clean install' goal. Tests are never
> run with -Dintegration.
> On the oxylos CI we distribute the maven generated reports (site-deploy
> goal) as well as snapshot jars/distributions.
> So the question is if we're
> a) allowed to do this as well
> b) if a) where to deploy the generated sites (and(?) snapshot
> jars/distributions). ATM this is configured in each pom where to deploy
> to the site, e.g.
>   <distributionManagement>
>     <site>
>       <id></id>
>       <!--<url>${staging.siteURL}/${siteId}/${version}</url>-->
>       <url>scpexe://</url>
>     </site>
>   </distributionManagement>

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