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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: VMs @ oxylos down
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 08:09:38 GMT

> There is something else I think we must discuss, it's the release
> process. ATM, Alex only is capable of release ADS. I know that it's
> mainly because I'm lazzy and don't want to jump into the process, as
> it requires a deep knowledge in maven, but I also think this is a good
> idea that any committer can do the release.
> There is some page on the wiki describing the release process, I just
> don't know how accurate they are.
> Last, not least, we have some modules we don't compile in apacheds,
> may be it's time to move them to he sandbox or the dormant projects if
> we don't want to get them built, and we also have some clients
> (kerberos and ldap) which are not part of the global build, making
> them lagging, as they depend on trunk. I spent a few hours this
> week-end trying to get the kerberos client compiling, but it's a bit
> more complicated than I thought, due to the JNDI removal we did.
> I would rather get those guys into the main build.
> Maybe we need a good discussion about all those aspects :
> - CI on The ASF machines
This will probably need some changes in the poms (do we have a kind of
sandbox at ASF to test this?).
When setting it up it should be cleary(!) documented :-)

> - XRef and metrics on The ASF machines
You're talking about the maven generated project sites [1] ?
> - Build and dormant modules

IIRC we use some cross-compilers to build ADS installers (for windows?).
They are hardly installed (or will be installed) on the ASF machines.

> - Releases and packaging (javadoc, sources...)
- What kind of snapshots are deployed (only jar, only dist, both,
nothing, ...)


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