Hi all,


  I am somewhat new to ApacheDS. We are using it for user authentication but want to connect via ldaps instead of ldap.

  But instead of using ldaps the default way, we need to use a custom sslcontext for the connection.


  I wondered how I would do that on the server side of the ldaps connection (meaning the apacheds). I could tweak the

  LdapServer class so that it wont call the static method LdapsInitializer.init(keyStore) and set up the mina sslfilter

  using my custom sslcontext instead. However, that is more like hacking the source imho.


  does anyone know if ApacheDS API provides a mechanism to “inject” my custom sslcontext or sslsessionfactory or would I have to live

  with the “hack”?


  Any pointers or howto guides warmly welcome.


Thanks for helping out,




  PS: we are on apacheds 1.5.3