Hi all,

Apache Directory Studio version 1.3.0 RC2 has been released almost one month ago and from the user input we've received, I think it's now safe to declare this release as the 1.3.0 final version.

For your information, there won't be any new build needed for releasing this version, we just need to update the website to declare this release as the final one.

Here's a little recap of what's new in this version:
    * the RCP application now bundles Eclipse 3.4 dependencies
    * DSML Import/Export is now working again (with new export options)
    * a lot improvements in the LDAP Browser
          * Ability to save a configuration as an URL
          * Ability to create a new Context Entry
          * New GoTo Dialog
          * Fixed the display of values of attributes with 'Generalized Time' syntax
          * Many more feature requests and bug fixes
    * the Apache DS Configuration Editor now reads the configuration of Apache DS 1.5.4
    * the Apache DS plugin now bundles Apache DS 1.5.4 dependencies and runs Apache DS instances version 1.5.3 (created with Studio 1.2.0) and version 1.5.4 (created with Studio 1.3.0).

Here are the complete release notes from JIRA:
    * [DIRSTUDIO-398] - Improve the DSML decorated classes by adding an empty constructor and linking the methods of the underlying ldapmessage

    * [DIRSTUDIO-260] - Unable to do a DSML Export from eDirectory
    * [DIRSTUDIO-291] - Adding of an objectclass requiring attributes not present to an entry in the ldap browser, modify operation fails
    * [DIRSTUDIO-293] - Values of attributes of the syntax 'Generalized Time' must have the g-time-zone 'Z' and minutes and seconds set to be interpreted and shown as a date instead of the raw value
    * [DIRSTUDIO-354] - Search window, paste problem
    * [DIRSTUDIO-355] - DSML Import and Export fail with "Internal Error: null"
    * [DIRSTUDIO-367] - Tree delete control should not be used automatically
    * [DIRSTUDIO-372] - NPE when using the LdifEntryEditorDialog w/o selecting a connection
    * [DIRSTUDIO-379] - Class NewEntryWizard not found, application doesn't starts
    * [DIRSTUDIO-380] - Attribute and Entry property pages makes the dialog very tall
    * [DIRSTUDIO-382] - Unable to launch Apache Directory Server with Turkish Regional Settings
    * [DIRSTUDIO-386] - Can't change 5-digit port number by typing
    * [DIRSTUDIO-389] - Back/Forward Navigation isn't working
    * [DIRSTUDIO-394] - SASL Realms are not correctly saved in the 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 Apache DS Configuration Editor

    * [DIRSTUDIO-114] - Group container entries first in browser view
    * [DIRSTUDIO-116] - Expand all folds by default
    * [DIRSTUDIO-147] - Allow LDIF imports to overwrite existing entries
    * [DIRSTUDIO-182] - [Ldap][studio] Use property file to designate ldap context factory etc. instead of hard code
    * [DIRSTUDIO-228] - Mask userPassword in the log view
    * [DIRSTUDIO-244] - Add selection for copy strategy if an entry to copy already exists
    * [DIRSTUDIO-255] - Run in background should be configurable so one could set it to true by default
    * [DIRSTUDIO-272] - Use the rat maven plugin with the -Prelease profile option to generate releases
    * [DIRSTUDIO-292] - Using the 'new entry'/'use existing entry as template' feature from the context menu of an entry, the parent dn is also copied from the template entry
    * [DIRSTUDIO-311] - Provide Goto DN dialog
    * [DIRSTUDIO-327] - Add support for Paged Results Control
    * [DIRSTUDIO-358] - Connections View can have an extension point for initial values
    * [DIRSTUDIO-363] - Browser View doesn't accept menu additions thru viewerContribution extension point
    * [DIRSTUDIO-377] - Add value editor for OIDs
    * [DIRSTUDIO-378] - An attribute name containing an underscore ("_") is split in two when used in "Returning Attributes" field of the "Search" dialog
    * [DIRSTUDIO-383] - Make "Fetch subentries" setting configurable per connection, move from browser preferences to connection properties
    * [DIRSTUDIO-384] - Improve New Attribute Type, New Object Class and New Schema Wizards when no schema project is opened
    * [DIRSTUDIO-391] - Show default values directly
    * [DIRSTUDIO-393] - Add support for ApacheDS 1.5.4 server.xml file in the ApacheDS Configuration Editor
    * [DIRSTUDIO-405] - Update the Apache DS plugin to use Apache DS 1.5.4 dependencies
    * [DIRSTUDIO-406] - The New Server Wizard should be listed in the NewWizards section
    * [DIRSTUDIO-407] - Stack the Servers view aside the Connections view as a perpective extension of the LDAP Browser Perpective
    * [DIRSTUDIO-408] - In the NewEntryWizard, the first selected object class on the left side should be added if the Enter key is hit in the text field

New Feature
    * [DIRSTUDIO-85] - Add support for search dialog to include * and + for returnable attributes
    * [DIRSTUDIO-107] - Enable Select/Copy in Property page of RootDSE in order to copy and paste detected OIDs
    * [DIRSTUDIO-153] - Allow offline modifications of entries
    * [DIRSTUDIO-297] - Add a 'save as' for logs
    * [DIRSTUDIO-356] - Add a way to get the connection config as an URL
    * [DIRSTUDIO-385] - Add dialog to create a new context entry

    * [DIRSTUDIO-19] - Add Javadoc to LDAP Browser classes
    * [DIRSTUDIO-374] - Clean duplicated dependencies in plugins
    * [DIRSTUDIO-375] - Move each plugin IDs in a plugin.properties file
    * [DIRSTUDIO-376] - Move to the latest Eclipse 3.4 dependencies

Let's vote now:
[ ] +1 | Release Apache Directory Studio 1.3.0 RC2 as Apache Directory Studio 1.3.0 (final)
[ ] +/-0 | Abstain
[ ] -1 | Do NOT release Apache Directory Studio 1.3.0 RC2 as Apache Directory Studio 1.3.0

Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot