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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: [STUDIO] Where to put the file?
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2008 06:47:27 GMT
Replying to myself:

I'll move them, because it'll make live easier and is more obvious to
find the files.


Felix Knecht schrieb:
> Good morning (at least for me)
> Externalizing strings I run into the next problem:
> From maven's POV *.properties files belongs to the src/main/resources folder. The problem
is that Eclipse doesn't finds
> the properties files there. When opening the 'Externalize String' wizard on a file with
already externalized strings
> you'll see just on the right side the string tags, but the left side (containing the
values from the
> files) stays empty until I move the file from the resources folder
over to the java folder next to
> the java class. As I couldn't find any settings allowing me to configure the Externalize
wizard I suggest moving the
> messages_*.properties files over into the src/main/java folder to make life easier when
editing the externalized strings
>  via the wizard. This will also affect some changes in the pom.xml to make sure that
the properties files are also taken
> from the src/main/java folders ...
> Regards
> Felix

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