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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Partition configurations [was Re: [CONF] Apache Directory SandBox: Draft - ... ]
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 09:12:03 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> I'm afraid that I introduced some confusion with my previous mail. I was 
> talking about the partition from the user point of view, not from the 
> developper point of view. In this case, yes, you have to implement the 
> Partition interface.
> What users want, mainly, is to define their own partition like, say, 
> "dc=my-company,dc=com", and inject data into it, not defining a new 
> partition with a SGBD storage (I guess).
> I agree this is confusing, as we are mixing the partition we have in the 
> conf and the Partition interface, with all the magic needed to store 
> data and search into it.
> Am I right about tis possible confusion ?

Yes, we talked about the way an advanced developer would implement his 
own backend storage, not configuration of a JDBM partition in server.xml

There are several mails on the lists about this topic. So I started to 
write something to have a starting point. In it's disclaimer, I have 
written the following:

If you simply plan to add another suffix to ApacheDS (besides 
dc=example,dc=com, for instance) in order to store data, it is not 
necessary to write any code. You can simply add some lines to the 
configuration. The following is for developers who plan to implement 
another storage mechanism than the provided default.

The discussion about configuration in general, although interesting, is 
a another thing.

Greetings, Stefan

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