On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 9:41 PM, Felix Knecht <felix@otego.com> wrote:
Hi all

Hi Felix,
I fiddled about using customized skins for maven site generation for the studio documentation to see how it could look
alike using the same layout as the project page.

I saw your commits these last days on your sandbox, and was wondering what this skin project was about.
I was thinking to a skin for the Studio RCP app or a skin for the generated Maven website.
It was the second option.
Here's the result [1].
I know it's not everything working perfect and some large tables on the right of the navigation can screw up the layout.

This looks great, even if it's not perfect yet.
It looks way better than the standard Maven template.
Everything seems more integrated to the project with this one.
The question is just:
Do you think it's worth to have such a Corporate Layout throughout all the documentation we produce (project site and
maven docs) and investigate some more time in it to make it perfect or is it just a waist of time?


I think this is a more integrated solution.
Having the same look between the usual website and these generated docs is great.
I really like the idea.

I'm curious to know how you integrate it in the build. Any hints on that ?